Best Bad Girl

by Katie Grace

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"Every person has a unique set of experiences and stories. These are mine." -ktg


released February 14, 2012

Katie Grace
Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Piano

Matt Dmits
Electric Guitar, Back up vocals

Jim Diamond
Bass on tracks 1-4, Electric Guitar on tracks 6, 7

Greg Beyer
Bass on tracks 5-7, 9, 10

Alex Trajano

Don Duprie

Mike Lynch
Accordion, Organ

Pete Ballard
Pedal Steel

Tamineh Gueramy

Jennifer Bagwell

Garret Bielaniec
Electric Guitar track 5

Produced, Recorded and mixed by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders, Detroit, MI



all rights reserved


Katie Grace Detroit, Michigan

Detroit’s Katie Grace was a Catholic school girl by day and a bad girl at night when she began playing music in every bar in town. After a successful 10 year run as a sidewoman, she began writing songs that, “tell honest stories and say what everyone is thinking but no one has the guts to say out loud.” The end result of her years of hard work, the album, Best Bad Girl, was released in Feb. 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Best Bad Girl
Never will I marry, I wont be no man’s wife.
You can’t tie me down. Other boys have tried.
But just for fun. Good clean fun.

I aint the kind of girl
That you would bring home
You just want me cause
I’m the best bad girl you know.
I give em what they want. I put on a show.

I drink, I spit, I smoke, I swear,
I say the things I think
Though they might not be appropriate at the time.

I hang out with the boys,
I play some songs and make some noise.
People say I laugh way, way too loud.

I’m the same when we first met
Yes, what you see is what you get
Truth be told
I’m the best bad girl you know.
I give em what they want. I put on a show.

I do what I want and
No one will ever know
It will be our little secret cause
I’m the best bad girl you know.
I give em what they want. I put on a show.
Track Name: Hey, Bartender
I’m filling this hole in my heart with
Cheap wine and cigarettes and
It’s never been the same since he left

I’ve spent the last 2 hours
Fessing up to an empty room and
Can you tell me what I’ve been doing wrong?

Here I am
Once again I’m standing in the spotlight

Hey, Bartender, can you hear me?
You’re the only one who came to see me
Hey, Bartender, can you hear me?
You make this place not seem so empty

Somebody told me one time
Back in my checkered past
Sometimes you headline,
Sometimes you just play last

You know I ain’t complaining
Cause if I was, I know you’d be listening
Seems no matter where I play
You’re my biggest fan.

There you are
Once again you’re standing in the bar light
Track Name: Last Goodbye
I said goodbye to you last night
After we had a fight
All the words I do regret
Though I haven’t said it yet

Well, if I’d known what’s in store
I could’ve done a little more
Before the last goodbye
The last goodbye

It’s a surprise they can see me at all
Cause I feel so damn small
Since you left me all alone
With this feeling made of stone

If I’d known it’d be the last I’d touch your face
Or feel your embrace
I would have traveled back in time
To ease your troubled mind
Track Name: Wine on the Workdays, Whiskey on the Weekends
I like my wine on the workdays,
Whiskey on the weekends
That’s the thing that keeps me hanging on
Hey now, it aint much
But you know it keeps me breathing
I like my wine on the workdays,
Whiskey on the weekends

Seems like every time I turn around
I got somebody trying to bring me down
Telling me just what I need to do
Well I say, Mister, that aint up to you

Sometimes I wish I could be like you
Go home at night when the workday is through
But me, I’ve got a life outside this place
So why don’t you just get up off my case
Track Name: Can't Save Them All
The steps of the boarded church was their place to sleep
Huddled close together under a ragged sheet
Passing by I saw them sleeping and I just said a prayer
Asking God to help them out cause no one seemed to care

You can’t save them all
Seems nobody can
You can’t save them all
I’ll leave it in God’s hands

Three kids from everywhere with no place left to go
Running from the darkness that filled their home
The oldest had no choice, she took the babies’ hands
Told them its time for leaving, that’s all that she could stand

Now they hope for a better life that the state can give
One of them went uptown; two found a home that they could live
The oldest is back in hell. The darkness still remains
Every night she bows her head and prays for the two she saved
Track Name: Black Train
Devil sits down right beside her
On that long black train going down
She doesn’t know what to say
She just knows its time to pay

Black, black train is going down
Down, down to hell
Straight down to hell
Hear, hear, hear that lonesome sound

The long black train is rolling
Straight down to her dark fate
It’s far too late for this girl
No chance for being saved

The devil has a flask of whiskey
Tells the girl it’ll calm her nerves
She says, “What the hell?
Might as well enjoy the ride.”
Track Name: All That Matters
I can't dance, but I feel like dancin'
Not with anyone, only you
You're as true as love can be
You're all that matters to me

You’re all that matters, you’re all that matters
You're all that matters to me
I don't care if I know
Where we come from or where we'll go
You're all that matters to me

Out in the rain, lost as I was
I said, "You think it'll ever stop?"
You said, "It always does."
And you were right, just look and see
You're all that matters to me

You hear that song, that song is our song
And so is the next song
I'm as certain as I'm ever going to be
I don't care about this crowd
Let 'em laugh I'm aint proud
Nor am I ashamed for anyone to see
Track Name: When You're Around
I choke on my own words sometimes
Can’t ever talk smooth, don’t know any lines
Well it might be the wrong thing to say
But my heart skips a beat upon seeing your face
Take it for what it’s worth

I like it when you’re around better then when you’re not
Might not sound like much, but that says a lot

For two people who say they’ve figured it out
It’s funny to me how we both have our doubts
Lord only knows the right thing to do
All I know is this one thing is true
Take it for what it’s worth

I’m telling you the truth dear
Just let the record show
Track Name: For a While
It’s a new kind of game we play
Its one where we pretend you don’t care too much
Even though I knew it would change
I was hoping that it would stay the same
For a while, for a while, for a while

We promised we would stay friends
Go out and have a drink and clear the air
But as you brush against my arm
That’s gonna rip out my heart at least
For a while, for a while, for a while

I knew we couldn’t keep this going on
It was wrong and crossed the line
So I’ll step back to where I belong
But I might need some time tonight

Can’t separate the old from new
Feelings I’ve had before don’t disappear
Turns out that I’m not the tough
For me times will be rough at least
For a while, for a while, for a while
Track Name: Not Welcome Here No More
You woke me up at the break of day
Well, I aint sure if you’re gonna leave or stay
With one foot in the door and one foot out
You can never make up your mind
Well, baby let me help you cause I know your kind
You’re not welcome here no more

All you do is run around, you drink too much
And everyone in this town can see you’re on your way down
I bit off more than I can chew
And there aint nothing left to do but spit you out
I’ll spit you out
Cause you’re not welcome here no more

I said pack your bags, I said get your stuff
Cause I’ve realized I’ve had enough
So get on out, right out the door
Cause you’re not welcome here no more